Art by Evelyn Marie

My Passion

I love color, I love creating and if you add I love a challenge you end up with a very eclectic artist. Therefore I end up with great passion to make lots of fun, colorful art creations. My favorite medium is acrylic paint because there are so many interesting ways to create with them and add lots of texture and mixed media pieces. I find myself never having enough time to create all of the things I have in my mind to do yet I still end up with a large variety of things to paint. I enjoy the process of figuring out ways to make a painting interesting and different. I want to draw people into my paintings and sometimes hide images in the midst of pieces.

My Experience

I was very fortunate to have parents who were very encouraging and supportive of my interest. I was always making creative things from scrap materials which most people would toss. We really did not have a lot so we made good use of what we did have. 

This creative side has only gotten larger and larger as resources are easily available. 

I took art classes along the my journey and from many instructors as time marched on. I loved taking workshops which are usually a week long and have taken several from local, national and international teachers. I am like a sponge if it is something I like a lot. I feel like I have a tool box full of choices to select from as I start every new creative project.

About the artist